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In creating this site, I want to update people about important events in my life as well as what I find interesting and fascinating in the rest of the world.

Creation for a Community of Creators: Kim Droom and EmRe 5807

My first created assignment can be found here!

The idea for this assignment came from an occurrence at the beginning of my Spring 2012 semester of DS106 with Jim Groom. One day, I was sitting in Blackstone, about to do some work for DS106. I pull open my blog and see an overbearing black screen with color text, mixed with caps and lowercase. The most distinguishable feature of the screen was the name EmRE 5807, the hacker. many people in our section got hit by this guy, and we were all equally freaked out.
The next class meeting, Jim Groom comes in with this ridiculous wig, sunglasses, and a cup of coffee. He introduced himself as Detective Kim Droom. The video for this class can be seen here. It was a great class to just laugh a lot at the situation, which was overall very frustrating. So that’s the backstory for Kim Droom and EmRe5807, who inspired this assignment.

Here is my own example of this assignment:
Kim Droom: EMRE WantedPoster

As you can see, Kim is a pretty intimidating dude, one which I would not want to have coming after me.
The idea here: I thought that in creating this assignment, it would give people a chance to be creative with their design skills, whether it be in the form of a wanted poster or some type of announcement, whatever. I had a good time with the assignment, and tried to include everything that would look intimidating and that seemed necessary to meet the needs of a wanted poster. For example, bold fonts, threatening statements,etc. I took an image of Kim Droom from the recorded video of a class session. I also added a cool “Burn” effect to Kim Droom to make him look brighter and sort of on fire, so to speak. I felt that this would make him more intimidating and alarming for EMRE. I was working with GIMP, which can be quite challenging at times depending on what you are trying to do, so I will have a tutorial for how I made this assignment. Anyways, hope you enjoy!